Cleaning Vinyl Siding
yeah, I liked it.  Used it years ago on my roof then kind of forgot about it.  It did great there and on an old side walk that is in the shade.  Think I'll try it on the side of my house.  I've got one side that has a tendency to get mold.  The garage blocks the sun.  I clean it periodically, but I see the wet & forget says it can help for up to a year plus.

On bathrooms I learned a trick if you have hard water.  Get the turtle car wax or equivalent that is in a liquid form.  The kind that forms a shell and lasts a year on your car.  Clean your shower walls, apply the wax, and then just rinse it down periodically or just wipe with a wet cloth.  One place I lived at the water was very hard, used to go through aerators like crazy.  Shower was always a headache.  Tried the wax and it worked great.  I didn't have to clean it as often and when I did a wet cloth was enough, no cleaners with noxious fumes.  Warning: If you do this make absolutely sure to get none on the bottom of the shower.  I did and it was like a slapstick comedy act when I stepped in the first time.
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(12-13-2021, 04:06 PM)raymodart Wrote: Mildew is the worst thing that can happen to your house, in my opinion, because it's hard enough to get rid of. I had a case where my gutter got moldy and rusty, and it was completely clogged at the time. I didn't know that because my gutter would be clogged for a long time, it could lead to this situation. I decided that I couldn't handle it alone, so I contacted DELETED LINK to solve my problem, and my house wouldn't be further damaged. I had read about many such cases and was wary of it, but unfortunately, it touched me too. I think I'll be checking my gutter more often after this incident.

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The 30 Second Cleaner in the hose end sprayer works great. The 30 Second Cleaner in the gallon doesn't work nearly as good.
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I also got black mold on my walls a couple of months ago. My mold wasn't on the siding, but inside the house, mostly in the bathroom. I bought different cleaners to get rid of this plague, but the mold didn't want to disappear. It was hard for me to be indoors with such a caustic chemical cleaner smell, so I gave it up and only used the bathroom on the house's second floor (it's the kids' bathroom). Later, my wife and I decided to move out of that house into another one since it wasn't ours anyway. We called a company to move out cleaning Tooting. I was very surprised that they cleaned up all the mold and dirt in the house.

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