Washing machine question
I took the agitator out first thing in case there was something stuck under it. The shaft coming out of the bottom of the tub is bone dry. Of course, if they use something like gear oil, it will want to leak out the bottom, which I think is what may have happened to mine.

One year limited warranty is all I see.
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Got the last of the parts that I hope are all I'm going to need today. Man, $50 for a nut, a washer and two o rings. Probably won't need the o rings, but while I was ordering.............

Borrowed a Dremmel from my buddy and am going to cut the tub nut off tomorrow. Hopefully, everything else will come out like it's supposed to.
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Update. Well, I took the WM apart last week. I resorted to cutting the main nut off, that went well. Had issues getting the square washer off the shaft, but managed. The next step was removing the inner basket from the tub. Everything I tried failed. I finally saw some bright individual who got his off by cutting a 2 x 4 the right size to fit under the lip of the basket and using a small bottle jack to push the agitator shaft out. Things finally broke loose. Unfortunately, it was the top of the basket. The inner and outer were firmly welded in place by corrosion. I could have spent half the cost of a new unit to get a complete tub unit, but just gave up and ordered a new washer dryer. Got it in yesterday.

This has not been a happy experience. Spent Saturday modifying the large shelving unit built in above the washer dryer unit that was 1/3 of an inch too low for the new unit.

New unit does have a bigger washer capacity, and is marginally quieter. Inner basket is mostly SS, but doubt that will make much difference in longevity.
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Did you get another GE unit , or something else ?

With all the corrosion you mention , I’d suggest checking your water supply and the amount of detergent you use.   Are you using powder or liquid ?

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