zero turn lawnmower for hills?
I'm a ZTR fan. After 60+ years of tractor type, walk behinds etc, I got one 4 years ago. Much faster. Hills are doable if not too steep, otherwise just up/down, do sideways mowing.

I looked at one of those cub cadets a few days ago. The weird way the hcage was made caught my eye as I walked by. Mine has a folding anti-rollbar which has never been unfolded. But when up it is well above the riders head. that cub would only work in a turnover to the rear, and I'm not sure it would even stop a rear rollover. Just something to consider.

FYI I'm pleased with my Hustler.
The cubs with the steering wheel sits a lot higher then the lever models so take that into consideration
The ONLY way to mow hills in a ZTR is straight up/down the grade. They have a high center of gravity and you WILL tip it over trying to go across the grade. I mowed 3+ acres for 16yrs with my ZTR and had a couple of fairly steep grades (front ditch, old fence line). Do not not not try and mow sideways, it will end badly.
There is a big difference between the commercial units and homeowner units because of weight.   So don't expect them to act the same.   Roly

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