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Woodworking (8 viewing)
  This forum is for most woodworking questions and comments, such as techniques, joinery, finishing, sources, etc.

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974 18975 * Re: What are you working o...
    (TRW) - 05/30/16 10:48 PM
Woodworking Power Tools (11 viewing)
  Talk about power tools—the single most popular topic of discussion related to woodworking. Here’s your opportunity to ask questions, get advice, and share your experience using power tools. As always, if you have tools to sell, please use the Tool Swap and Sell forum.

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693 13735 * Re: Scroll saw question
    (Sawdustd) - 05/31/16 06:59 AM
Woodworking Hand Tools (17 viewing)
  Talk about hand tools—Yes, some hardy souls actually have hand planes and chisels in their shops showing signs of use, but no rust or dust. If you're one of them, then this forum is for you. Discussion can include hand tool types, uses, techniques, and history. As always, if you have tools to sell, please use the Tool Swap and Sell forum.

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1201 18610 * Re: Pony gone?!
    (Window Guy) - 05/31/16 06:54 AM
Woodturning (2 viewing)
  Talk about woodturning -- Here’s a new forum dedicated to woodturning: techniques, lathes, turning tools, and wood.

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480 6460 * Re: Gentleman's pens
    (chips ahoy) - 05/31/16 06:55 AM
Finishing (2 viewing)
  This forum is for the discussion of finishing our woodworking projects. This includes water-based and oil-based finishes, stains, top coats, brush-on, wipe-on, spray finishing and other techniques, hardware, and supplies. This is the one area of woodworking that most of us like the least, and know the least about. There’s even a rumor that some guys have their wives do the finishing (in which case, point them to this forum).

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271 2189 * Re: Activated Charcoal?
    (MichaelMouse) - 05/30/16 05:02 PM
Home Improvement (5 viewing)
  This forum is for all sorts of questions related to home improvement, including techniques, ideas, materials and products. Helpful tool info can be found here and in the tool forums above.

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731 10134 * Re: 11 Hours
    (crokett™) - 05/31/16 06:36 AM
Questions about using the WoodNet forum features
  Visit this forum to share comments and questions about the new forum design. Find up-to-date information about error messages, logging in, and posting topics. Discuss the new features and how to use them.

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11 576 * Re: Test
    (Paul K. Murphy) - 05/27/16 12:44 AM
Tool Swap N' Sell (6 viewing)
  Free Classifieds: This is the place to post those woodworking, home improvement related tools, or lumber/materials you'd like to swap or sell to other woodworkers and home improvement enthusiasts. When listing multiple items, use a single thread instead of multiple threads. Include pricing and location information.

Note: It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that you're on your own in determining value, price, etc., of the tools you'll find listed here. WoodNet can't be responsible for the quality of the tools or the integrity of those selling and swapping.

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62 1418 * Re: FS: Milwaukee 6377 7 1...
    (packerguy®) - 05/31/16 06:46 AM


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