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Chair making - Scoony - 07-13-2015

It has been a long journey to get to this point. I started making a chair years ago, but never finished. This project has been burning inside my head for longer then I care to think about. Finally got a working steam box put together and the rad oak log I got last year had enough straightness to provide the parts for this chair.

The end is very near as I should have this ready for paint this weekend.

The long spindles will be spread out, just haven't got that far yet. I still have to carve the gutter and touch up the seat before gluing in the top half.

Re: Chair making - Blacky's Boy - 07-13-2015

Wow, Scoony! That looks so cool!

Re: Chair making - Souperchicken - 07-13-2015

Yep, agreed that is going to be sweet once you finish it- looking forward to seeing pics.

Re: Chair making - Steve Friedman - 07-13-2015

Very nice! With your penchant for getting stuff done quickly, I'm shocked that you had a project hanging around that long.

Just curious - what did you use to shape the seat. Looks inviting. Is the seat pine, or did you use red oak for that too?


Re: Chair making - Scoony - 07-13-2015

The seat is poplar, but a local sawer cuts bass wood in huge chunks so I am hoping to get some seat blanks of bass wood.

For shaping, adz, home made compass plane, travisher, and scorp do the shaping. I did run the ROS of the seat to clean up the math work for stretcher lengths, but need to go over it with a scraper and travisher a little more to get at some high spots.

Re: Chair making - AHill - 07-13-2015

Very nice! Sort of timely, as I was reviewing a freebie Woodright's Shop DVD and they had an early episode where Roy visited Mike Dunbars, Windsor Institute. The amount of information on chair construction in that one show was very eye opening.

Re: Chair making - BaileyNo5 - 07-14-2015

Impressive work! Something with that many curves has to be challenging.

Re: Chair making - Herebrooks - 07-14-2015

Love it! A real feather in your cap. Wear it proudly.

Re: Chair making - Scoony - 07-14-2015

Got her glued up tonight. Just needs some finishing touches before paint.

Bad cell phones pics, but I will get better ones once finished.

Re: Chair making - cputnam - 07-15-2015

Oh man, that do be purty.

How big a person do you can safely sit in it. I only ask because the pics make it look delicate.