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Fun at the Estate Sales Today - lilrichard2 - 07-24-2015

I made it to three estate sales today.

First, I picked up a scale (with box), an expansion brace bit, a 4" Proto adddjustable wrench and a small oil can (still has a Walgreens sticker on the bottom - $6.00.

Second was rather sparse as I only found three items: a New England roofing tool and two Craftsman (USA) adjustable hex wrenches - $11.00 total.

On the third sale, I found this neat little tool box made from 3/8" plywood and covered with walnut veneer, and having brass hardware. It looks rough now, but will cleanup nicely, especially with what it has inside.

Opening the door reveals two small drawers and a storage shelf and an electrical tool.

The drawers come completely out of the case - note the highquality drawwer pulls -Smile

And when the lid to the drawer is opened, we see what type of individual used this toolbox. That's all hard wax of various colors, used by a furniture repairman.

And the other drawer.

These tools were on top of the drawer when the door was opened.

And here's the electrical item - obviously a heated for heating the tools and softening the wax and applying the softened wax to furniture for repair. I saw a person do some repairs, such as I've described, about 50 years ago. It must be a diminishing trade.

A final item in the box was a small tin with some bar wax that was probably used as a toner for blending the repair with other finishes on the furniture.

Cost of the toolbox - $22.00

Had a good day, and I'm happy to find the furniture repair toolbox.


Re: Fun at the Estate Sales Today - Cian - 07-24-2015

Sounds like you had a WALT kind of day.

Re: Fun at the Estate Sales Today - Steve N - 07-25-2015

That old furniture rehabers kit is

Nice scores

Following Bloomberg I get

HallStar chemical possibly a merger?

OP- AL had an old hit "Electric Curling Iron Heaters"

Not always being what it is supposed to be is big in woodworking. Fondue pots for heating hide glue, Hair dryers for some finishing tasks

Re: Fun at the Estate Sales Today - bigbob - 07-26-2015

Those are colored shellac sticks and the tools are heated and the shellac dripped into the repair in the wood. The can probably is burn in balm that was used to protect the area around where the repair was made. Look up mohawk furniture repair. That is a nice kit to use. Good luck with it.

Re: Fun at the Estate Sales Today - jasfrank - 07-26-2015

Yeah, colored shellac. I bought an assortment from GW back in the early eighties. I melted them with an alcohol burner like they use in lab work and knifed them in with a flexible putty knife. They sure did an excellent job of filling and blending in of knot's and nail holes. I still have lots of those sticks left, but tend to use sawdust and hide glue instead nowadays.