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shop led lights - oscarMadison - 07-26-2015

my neighbor told me about these. He saw them at a buddy's shop and said he wants to get some. He's not a guy to just go out and buy something so he must have been impressed. He's already got shop lights. Going to replace three over the work benches at first.

led lights at Sams. Looks like a good deal.

Re: shop led lights - ianab - 07-27-2015

Looks good.

They are still a bit pricey here, but they seem to be coming down. Just started replacing the house lights with LEDs

Re: shop led lights - WxMan - 07-27-2015

I'm quickly becoming a fan of LEDs, too.

We now have several fixtures in the house that are LEDs. Maybe it's time to start adding them to the shop.

Re: shop led lights - Joe_m - 07-27-2015

These are also very good. I got some for the garage and liked them so much I replaced all the fluorescents in the basement and wokshop with them....

LED Shoplight

They are pretty popular, they sell out fast. I had to check the inventory at the local store regularly and do a "pickup in store" online purchase as soon as a new shipment arrived.

Re: shop led lights - FlaAllan - 07-27-2015

I replaced all the fluorescent lights in my shop with these 48" LED tube lights. I either needed to replace the ballasts or the whole fixture. With these, the ballast comes out and is not used, and you connect one end to 110vac. I'm sure there are some cheaper bulbs by now, but I know these work very well.
LED Wholesalers

Re: shop led lights - Robert Adams - 07-27-2015

They are decent fixtures with a good color temp for shop, kitchen or other workspace use. My rule is under $10 a foot for fixtures and these meet that. Compared with t8 fixtures they are actually cheaper unless you have menards where their fixtures are less than what I can get here.

I have 8' t8 fixtures and it's more economical to replace the whole fixture than it is to convert them to 4' bulbs and buy led bulbs for it. In fact two led bulbs cost more than the whole fixture at sams or costco however the old t8 fixture is much more durable which really doesn't matter unless yours hang from the ceiling as they are likely to be hit by material.

Re: shop led lights - bennybmn - 07-27-2015

Costco has something very similar, maybe even the same. I picked up two recently, haven't mounted them yet because the current fluorescent fixtures are hard wired in, these are plug in, so I need to mount some outlets. The previous owner had pimped out the garage with three fixtures switched at the door, and only a single bulb for the second floor storage space... so I plan on moving a couple of the fixtures upstairs where they are used less.

Re: shop led lights - Cooler - 07-27-2015

We replaced our four lamp, four foot fluorescent fixtures in the office with edge-lit LED fixtures. They are at least 3 or 4 times as bright and perfectly daylight in appearance. A huge benefit for those of us who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or the "winter blues".

But those fixtures cost $225.00 each and we put in 7 of them. But if they are full spectrum LEDs and daylight you should see much better with them. I saw them at Lowes and these were a string of LED bulbs.

The ones in our office edge lit the front panel so it is entirely uniform in output. I am not suggesting you buy the ones we have in the office--they are way too expensive. But buy one and let me know how you like it.

I was thinking of buying one myself for the finishing area where good lighting is essential. I would rather someone else make the plunge and say if it is good or not before I do. Certainly not having to wait for the ballast to start the bulbs up is an advantage.

I had an electrician install 16 two bulb 4 footers in my basement so that my shop is lit up to almost daylight. The more light you have the better and safer you are in the shop.

Re: shop led lights - JimReed@Tallahassee - 07-27-2015

I converted my whole house to LED and finally got around to the shop. Next are the shop task lights. Great move as my electric bill keeps going down. Incandescent and fluorescents use more electricity and output heat which must be removed.

Look at Costco and the big box stores because they have truckload sales on shop-worthy fixtures.

Re: shop led lights - paulmaine - 07-27-2015

Sometimes the Big Box supplied switches are difficult to change. I would take a fixture with no on/off switches and use quality ones..and put them in so as to be easy to change.