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Cooper's shave - SteveF - 07-28-2015

I got this shave a couple of weeks ago. It's about 18 1/2" long. Can anybody identify the manufacturer for me?

Re: Cooper's shave - Bibliophile 13 - 07-28-2015

No, but that's a really cool tool.

Re: Cooper's shave - TobyC - 07-28-2015

Sorry man, I got nuthin.

Re: Cooper's shave - highpi - 07-28-2015

Well, according to one of my books, its not a D.R. Barton or a White. I have a Barton, but it has wooden handles. I have a couple of other books I'll keep thumbing through.

Re: Cooper's shave - Youngmoses - 07-29-2015

Looks like a C.F. Shaw shave. They operated in Worcester, Mass circa 1883-1890. That model is likely completely unmarked on either body or cutter. Nice find!