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Spear & Jackson 4tpi Rip w PICS - jstraw - 04-02-2016

I picked this up at a yard sale today. I would like to find out it's approximate age and if this is a common saw. Blade needs some work, but I've dealt with worse. Any info is appreciated.

Re: Spear & Jackson 4tpi Rip w PICS - kwigly - 04-02-2016

Spear &Jackson were prolific saw producers, 1830s-1980s.
Yours looks to to me to be from around the 1880s with its stamped blade (not etched) and its medallion type.
Your handle style was made from the early days, and although the "lamb's tongue" shape of the lower edge was still advertised in their 1910 catalogue, your upper edge shape is of an older style
Looks like a nice saw with plenty of blade depth

Re: Spear & Jackson 4tpi Rip w PICS - MarvW - 04-03-2016

I have a S&J with a handle just like yours. Also a stamped blade. I had to give it new upper horn though. This is a strange saw... It's crosscut with 12-1/2 PPI. The blade is extra thin and willowy. When I cleaned the blade I didn't remove the handle because I didn't want to disturb the screw heads for fear of effecting the wood around the heads. It is obvious that the screws had never been turned and I didn't want to be the first. Took awhile to file all those small teeth. I cuts exceptionally smooth but it is easy to bow the blade while sawing. With teeth that small, you don't want to rush the cut anyway. The extra thin blade forces you to let the saw do it's thing and not force it. All I did to the handle was to steelwool it with 0000 grit and paste wax.
Here's a pic..

Re: Spear & Jackson 4tpi Rip w PICS - jstraw - 04-04-2016

Thanks for the history and the restoration tips. I didn't need another saw, but I couldn't leave it in the pile of rusted tools. Even though I swore I wouldn't buy another saw. Once I saw how nice the handle could be, I would have paid twice as much as the $10 price sticker.

Re: Spear & Jackson 4tpi Rip w PICS - Admiral - 04-04-2016

That's a great saw, nice find.

Re: Spear & Jackson 4tpi Rip w PICS - Bibliophile 13 - 04-05-2016

I wouldn't have passed that up either! It's in great condition for its age, and I think you will find it an excellent user. Great find!

Re: Spear & Jackson 4tpi Rip w PICS - Window Guy - 04-05-2016

+1 ..... enjoy and anxious to see it after you cleaned and re sharpen it.