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Nordlund Axe - Jack in omaha - 07-25-2016

I found an old norlund axe has nail puller claw on back. Should I try to polish it up? And, handle is good but head has some scrathes and grime it seems old.

RE: Nordlund Axe - enjuneer - 07-25-2016


There are a few of us "axe junkies" lurking on WN. Please post some pictures when you get a chance. I/we would like to see what you found.

If you need assistance with posting pictures, please send me a PM for my email address. I will happily post them for you.

RE: Nordlund Axe - eg54string - 07-26-2016

Norlunds are one of my favorite hatchets.

RE: Nordlund Axe - KSMike - 07-28-2016

Axe on, junkies! Wink

RE: Nordlund Axe - Axehandle - 07-31-2016

(07-28-2016, 12:50 AM)KSMike Wrote: Axe on, junkies! Wink

I only like the handles.....