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We lost Windowguy - JimReed@Tallahassee - 12-23-2016

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of our Windowguy--Steve Massie. He had been in poor health lately and passed away on December 18th. He was a very cheerful guy and loved to make shavings. Prayers go out to his family.

I am sure Steve would prefer a joyous celebration instead of a sad wake. Next time I am in the shop I will make some shavings in his honor.

RE: We lost Windowguy - lilrichard2 - 12-23-2016

Sad news. He was a dear friend. Prayers go out for his family.


RE: We lost Windowguy - Aram - 12-23-2016

That is sad news. Really nice guy. RIP Steve.

RE: We lost Windowguy - Arlin Eastman - 12-23-2016

Another parting of a good friend.  God Speed Steve I love ya buddy.

I know that no one had Hoody's address but does anyone have Steve's address so I can send his wife some of my wooden roses I make?

Just to let everyone know

I am sending his wife some of my hand made wooden roses that I have sold here before.  If anyone wishes to send something personal to her just PM me and I will add it to the box.

I will be sending the flowers Friday Dec 30th

RE: We lost Windowguy - Mike Brady - 12-23-2016

I'm very sorry to hear this.  Steve was a special guy and I really had hoped to meet him some day.  You know, I don't think Steve ever learned how to post pictures in the forum.  If I go into my PM's, there are a couple of exchanges between us where I promised to talk him through the process.  We never did that.  There's a lesson there.  Don't put off things you would like to do with friends and loved ones.  R.I.P., my friend.

RE: We lost Windowguy - Boatman53 - 12-23-2016

I'm so sorry to hear this news. He was always a champion of people trying something new and a very big supporter to me personally. Prayers go out to the family, this will be a tough Christmas.

Arlin I sent you a PM


RE: We lost Windowguy - Bibliophile 13 - 12-23-2016

I'm really sorry to hear that. Rest in peace, Steve.

RE: We lost Windowguy - Dave Diaman - 12-23-2016

darn, we lost another good one. May he rest in piece in the great workshop in the sky. His family will be in our prayers.

RE: We lost Windowguy - John Clifford - 12-23-2016

So sad to hear. He will be missed.

RE: We lost Windowguy - Patsfan - 12-23-2016

RIP, Steve.

My prayers go out to your family