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Weather and woodworking - hbmcc - 03-16-2017

Is your ambition to make chips fly stronger in nice sunny weather than dismal rain and dungeon conditions? 

I must confess that I by need am a fair weather worker. I drag my stuff out into the drive, or back yard, depending on shade and heat. Today--this morning--it's sunny for the first time in over 40 days and 40 nights. I want to cut and bang. But....

I volunteer today. Tonight, I cook. And, the dang clouds and rain, snow, sleet, hail, and all six (sun, inclusive) can happen even if I were free.

Any excuses? Smirk

RE: Weather and woodworking - daddo - 03-16-2017

I enjoy working in the comfy shop while looking out the big picture window at the terrible cold and rainy weather outside. Besides, can't do anything else when it's like that.

I have to remember when summers 100* humid weather comes and being in the shop is torture unless I spend money on running the a/c all the time.

RE: Weather and woodworking - ®smpr_fi_mac® - 03-16-2017

I, too, am a fair weather ww'er, but that's because I'm in a single-car garage and must haul things out onto the drive when I want to do anything in the shop.

Hopefully that will soon change. If the home buying gods smile upon us, we'll close on and move in a month to a house with a three-car garage...and two of the bays will be dedicated to my ww'ing.

RE: Weather and woodworking - Handplanesandmore - 03-16-2017

Weather is a factor, but not a very big one. Mood, which is not much dependent on weather, counts more for me. I could work days in a row regardless of the change in the weather among the days, or I could hang up my boots for weeks doing nothing in the shop. I complete about 5 to 6 projects a year in all four seasons, slightly more productive in the warm and hot months.


RE: Weather and woodworking - hbmcc - 03-17-2017

I can't believe it! Blue sky all day! If any have read the adventures of Lewis and Clark you will know how much they all loved being stuck overwintering on the West Coast, near The Columbia River, eating fish, huddled in huts watching rain, just a few miles south of me. I actually chose to live here because .... well, it was pretty nice. 

Weather, nice weather is invigorating, and opens my mind to design. Design juices feed concepts which cycle back to refine those concepts and step prototypes toward a final proof of product.  It's esthetics in the context of functional design. For me it's much easier to kick a sluggish mind into higher gear when I am dodging bird bombs under the shade of the cherry overhanging the driveway. [The cherry is another topic.]

Yesterday was outstanding. Today we are back to grey and threat of rain.

RE: Weather and woodworking - clydeone - 03-17-2017

I am exactly the opposite most of my woodworking gets done in grey and rainy weather- when it is nice out I want to do other things especially biking.

RE: Weather and woodworking - wood-chips - 03-18-2017

I have both heat and A/C in my insulated 3 car garage, so working in the shop is possible any time except for the extreme cold or hot days as the heat pump can't manage at the extremes.

That being said I'm happiest working in the shop when it's cold and gloomy out. I'd rather be out doors when the weather is nice; ATVing, target shooting, photography.

RE: Weather and woodworking - Humanbackhoe - 03-18-2017

Any excuses? Smirk


I make most everything out of wood and the shop is loaded to the rafters with nice American hardwoods. The machines are all squared and the blades are all sharp. Seventeen, or so, hand planes in perfect operating condition, couple sets of chisels ready to go. Shop is clean and organized, nothing needs to be put away, sounds odd but it's true.

I cannot afford to heat the shop for my own amusement. If the heat is on , I must be making money there. In the warmer weather, I continuously finish projects that are experimental or are added to the "for sale" list. Making furniture and art pieces on speculation and not commission, is for the financially solvent woodworkers. 

Which I ain't this winter.


RE: Weather and woodworking - YSU65 - 03-18-2017

Hobby wood worker here.  Shop has propane heat and good insulation.  Run the furnace when I am out there in the winter, get temp up to 55 or so.  In the summer, trees and insulation keep shop in the 70's even when the outside ambient is 90, don't need AC.  At my age, don't really pay much attention to moods on sunny or cloudy days.  I enjoy every day to the fullest.

RE: Weather and woodworking - gMike - 03-18-2017

My shop is in the basement, heat and A/C year round.  I still feel better about working there when the weather is nice.  Unfortunately when the weather is nice the yard and house claim my time so less woodworking gets done.  It is mighty nice to be in a toasty shop when it's -10* outside.  I just wish my garage was heated and cooled so I could work out there in all weather conditions.