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Waterstones - Jason28 - 01-23-2018

I decided to get the Sigma Power stone set Stu sells at Tools From Japan, but I haven’t been able to get ahold of him; his mother passed away recently and I entirely understand where he must be, having gone through the same thing a few years ago, so I’m not knocking him in any way. I do need to get a new set of stones though; my Nortons are wearing out.

My question now is, with the recent price drop in the Shapton stones, how well do they work on A2 and PM-V11? They’ll be about half the price of the of Sigma stones, and much as I’d like to support Stu, that’s a huge price difference.

RE: Waterstones - AHill - 01-23-2018

They work fine on either. I sharpened many an A2 edge on my Shaptons prior to switching to Sigma stones, and PM-V11 is easier to sharpen than A2. I think the Sigmas are faster. You can also get Sigma stones from Lee Valley, if you can't wait for Stu to return. I do understand the motivation to buy Shapton based on price, though.