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Kitchen Bin - Willyou - 06-28-2018

I'm in the process of doing some paint-up, fix-up in our kitchen. I'm considering installing some of those sink front tip out bins like this . Does anyone have these in their kitchen? Is it worth doing?

RE: Kitchen Bin - Mr_Mike - 06-28-2018

Got 'em. Hate 'em. Don't hold much and collect trash.

RE: Kitchen Bin - Roly - 06-28-2018

(06-28-2018, 04:31 PM)Mr_Mike Wrote: Got 'em.  Hate 'em.  Don't hold much and collect trash.

Ours holds vegetable brushes and stove top cleaner.  No big deal but does not hurt anything.  Roly

RE: Kitchen Bin - Gibbcutter - 06-28-2018

Have it and like it. We keep sponges and other small cleaning tools in there. Helps keep the sink area from looking messy. Like a previous poster said, “it doesn’t hurt.”

RE: Kitchen Bin - WxMan - 06-29-2018

When LOML and I first saw one of those in a house decades ago, we thought it would be a good thing.  

Four years ago, we bought a house that has one.

Doesn't get used.  In fact, there's a tray on the countertop next to the kitchen sink faucet that holds the stuff that the tip-out bin would hold.

If we didn't have one there already, I wouldn't go to any extra effort whatsoever to install one.

RE: Kitchen Bin - crokett™ - 06-29-2018

At the old house the panels under the sink were held on by clips.  I pulled them off and converted them to tipout bins.  We liked them a lot, they held the sponges, etc and got the clutter off the counter.  The new house the panels are glued/screwed on. I haven't gotten around to getting them off and installing new bins.  

We didn't have a problem with them collecting anything we didn't want in there.

RE: Kitchen Bin - joe1086 - 06-29-2018

DAMHIKT but constantly being touched by wet hands/fingers isn't great for the finish.

RE: Kitchen Bin - Large Wooden Badger - 06-29-2018

cut them off altogether and installed a farmhouse sink.

RE: Kitchen Bin - Willyou - 06-29-2018

Well! It seems that some do and some don't. Surprise! I think that since I have the covers off anyway for refinishing and the tray kits are not expensive, I'll install a pair and see how we like them. Thanks for the comments.