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Idea of a Project - bandit571 - 02-10-2019

Might be the Dr. Feelgood stuff I am on.. Uhoh ..back in the late 1980s-early 1990s.....had a 2-1/2 car garage shop.    made a few bunk beds, hope/toy chests, porch benches, and a few tables.    Even made passage doors.    One of the biggest sellers I had,  was a 5 drawer chest of drawers....got to the point, that I could turn out a finished one in one weekend.   Usually, just made from Pine, sometime a finish was added, most were made "Ready to Paint". 

Fridays I'd buy a few sticks of lumber....5-6 2 x 4 x 8,   a 1x for each drawer...usually 1 x8 x8'.   Maybe a sheet of Luann plywood.  By evening on Saturday, the assembled chest of drawers was standing in the shop...Parts had been sanded as I went along.   Was selling them at $20 per drawer. 

Thought that came along last night, Uhoh was to do a step by step series on building one of those dressers.   Sides are frame and panel.   Face frame is dovetailed in place ( maybe a plugged screw in the center?)  Top is to be a LOT simpler than the frame & panel used back then.  Drawers would be a 3/4  overlay, dovetails at the front, dado for the back. 

May used 1 x3s instead of ripping down a 2 x 4 for the webframe parts, and other parts.    Have a lot less room in the current shop.   Back then it was a 10" tablesaw, a dovetail jigged router,  and router table.    Will be a few more hand tools in use, now a days... Winkgrin 

Not sure what size drawers to use...1 x 6s...1 x 8s?  Pine would be just what I could walk into a BORG ( Menard's) and load up.  Top would be just a 3 board glue-up...maybe a 1 x 8?

So....IF anyone thinks this might be something to follow along......and I get to feeling a bit better... Confused   I could start out with just a write up,  mainly the plan stage?    We'll see....

Build a 5 drawer for the shop a while back....some of the things may look  the same....Drawers will be a bit fancier..

RE: Idea of a Project - jppierson - 02-10-2019

Doesn't really matter what you build, I absolutely enjoy your build-alongs!

RE: Idea of a Project - AgGEM - 02-10-2019

I'll be watching!

RE: Idea of a Project - MarkSingleton - 02-10-2019

Sounds like another good build thread is in the offing.....


RE: Idea of a Project - hbmcc - 02-10-2019

Unfinished furniture for sale would be great for those people disenchanted by Ikea/Wally junk. You could make it go by word-of-mouth; casual, to fit your needs and means. I'd find a supplier other than Borg, however.

Yes, a great build-along project idea.

RE: Idea of a Project - museumguy - 02-10-2019

I think it is a great idea. Your build threads are fantastic and always eagerly read. Not everyone on here is an accomplished woodworker. There are many just getting started and would love to follow along. Also, most of us that have been woodworking for a number of years would love to follow as well.

RE: Idea of a Project - Grandpa Dave - 02-10-2019

Count me in Bandit...in fact I have a need for a couple of chests much like you describe. Might be a great project for me to try and replicate.
That said, take all the time you need (and should!) to get healed first. I can wait.

RE: Idea of a Project - bandit571 - 02-10-2019

Give about another week or so....mainly to get rid of a few stitches..... Confused

Until back then....won't be any rush going on...then I had about 12 hours to get one chest of drawers completed, to allow for the finish ( if any) to be applied and cure by Sunday night...still had a factory "day" job, at the time.  Wasn't taking the time for photos, either.... No

may take this a section at a time....might not get more than 3-4 hours at a stretch... Rolleyes

So, as soon as things get back to almost "normal", and I can do a bit of lumber shopping....might just start in...maybe by next weekend? Cool

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: Idea of a Project - Stwood_ - 02-10-2019

Should I stock more popcorn?

RE: Idea of a Project - bandit571 - 02-11-2019

Nah...but..you could show up at my shop, and I'll put you to work.... Winkgrin 

Need to get out the pen and paper....have some drawing to do, this week....once I know the openings' sizes...I can figure out the rest of the sizes... Cool 
Then I can start building these webframes....this is from the Dungeon Shop Dresser build...5 drawers means I need 6 frames built.  
Then, I can build up the two sides....will see how many hours of shoptime I can handle at a stretch.... Rolleyes
Stay tuned Winkgrin