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V - router bits - Turner52 - 02-13-2019

I cut some flutes in a corian bowl I am making. Used a 90 degree v-bit with a 1/2" shank. Unsure of the brand. When i went to glue in the inlays, I had to cut them at 85.9 degrees in order for them to fit. Checked a Ryobi bit I also have. It is not 90 degrees either. Does anyone know of a 90 degree bit that is actually 90. It is workable, but came as a shock that they are far eneough off that putting them up to a square and holding up to a light you can see they are both quite a bit off.

RE: V - router bits - Arlin Eastman - 02-13-2019



Also one other thing I would suggest is to take small cuts to make sure it keeps on track and will cut the whole groove.

RE: V - router bits - Turner52 - 02-14-2019

Thanks Arlin. I did not take big cuts and checked the bits later, so it definitly is a bit problem. Kind of discouraging. I can make plenty of my own mistakes. Don't need sloppy manufacturing to help me along that sleazy slope.

RE: V - router bits - Turner52 - 02-14-2019

Forgot to ask. Have you used this bit so you know it is 90 degrees?