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Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - cpolubin - 06-23-2019

Every time I go to the woodworking store I have to look at the Sawstop sliding table. It just seems to call to me. But I keep reading the complaints that there are no detents and how can you be sure that you get back to 90 degrees without detents. But these comments seem to be all coming from people who don't have one or used one much. When I look at the miter markings and the indicator, it seems that it would be fairly easy to match a setting.

Does anyone have one or used one extensively? I'd like to get some opinions from people who have worked with it a while.


RE: Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - Ray Newman - 06-24-2019

I have the smaller SawStop sliding table on my ICS. The OEM miter gauge was hard to adjust and last year I upgraded to the so-called "new and improved" miter gauge with detents. I still found the cursor difficult to read and a small magnifying glass helped to set it to other than 90 degrees and return to 90 degrees. For my eyes, the cursor is just too coarse. When checked it with my square, at times it did not always return to 90 degrees. Was frustrating as I felt I could not rely on its accuracy/ability to return to 90 degrees or any other setting.

On Facebook, there was a thread on the Saw Stop User's Group page (started in early April 2019 by Dave Funk) about removing the OEM miter gauge bar, drilling and tapping it to fit an INCRA miter gauge head, then installing it on the sliding table. A few weeks ago, Peachtree ran a sale on INCRA miter gauges and I ordered one. Also ordered the 36-64" Telescoping Flip Fence from INCRA. I had a local metal fabricator drill and tap the bar as I wanted to be sure the spacing for the four holes to fit the INCRA were dead-nuts-on.

Definitely a game changer! No problems returning the miter gauge head to 90 degrees after setting it at a different angle.

RE: Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - Chuck Nickerson - 06-24-2019

I've been using one for 3+ years. The lack of detents is a drawback but easily solved.

Get a 18" x 18" mdf with one square corner. Along one edge glue a piece of 3/4" mdf that's 1/4" proud of the surface.
This will drop snugly into the miter slot giving a reference surface for the fence.

RE: Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - cpolubin - 06-25-2019

After more research I've found that the latest version now has detents. And even more interesting a number of people have managed to mount an incra 1000SE in place of the existing miter gauge. I'll need to stop by the store and take a closer look at the table and how it can be modified.


RE: Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - David G - 06-26-2019

I have used one for 3-4 years and like it.  I think fences should be squared when moved, indents or no. It is easier to square without indents.
Depending on the installed position, it does limit long cuts of wide boards.  And squaring the slider to the saw table, front to back and side to side is not as easy as it seems.
But it is a quality made piece of equipment with no slop or slack.  No regret in spending the money.

RE: Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - cpolubin - 06-27-2019

I went ahead and picked up the Sliding Crosscut table yesterday. While the store was checking that their stock was the new version I was talking to one of the Sawstop techs and I asked him about how some people were reporting that there was a bit of slop in the miter setting, even with detents. What he told me was that there is a rubber O ring on the part that goes into the detent. When engaging the detent you needed to push a little harder and the O ring would center the head and take out the slop. He didn't think that was mentioned in the manual.

I'll report back after I get the table set up.


RE: Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - EightFingers - 07-01-2019

I have a different make. It has a stainless steel table. I don’t really use it after I got the Festool tracksaw to handle sheet goods.
I do need to think about selling it....

RE: Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - cpolubin - 07-04-2019

The crosscut table is installed and dialed in. The first time through I did the 5 cut test with a 8" square. 90 degree cuts seemed dead on but 45s were off a little. Tried a number of things but couldn't get them to close. Was about to call tech support and give it one more chance before trying the Incra head. Just to be sure I dialed in the gauge again from scratch but this time I started with a 30" square for the 5 cut process. Took some tweaking and this time when I had the 90 degree cuts working the 45s were perfect. Really happy with the table now.


RE: Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - cpolubin - 07-08-2019

This is certainly an indication of how posting has dropped off here. I entered the last post 4 days ago and it's still on the first page. A few years ago it would have been on the third page within a day.



RE: Is anyone using the Sawstop sliding table? - Handplanesandmore - 07-08-2019

Forums are dying like many magazines. The fact that some hot forum threads are killed is not helping either. Of course, what else has not been talked about is another factor that drives many people away from making comments. One forum I previously visited now relies on the SAME half a dozen to a dozen posters to make it "alive." More like a reading club if you ask me.