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Substitute Bench - BaileyNo5 - 07-27-2019

When you don't have a bench handy, a sawhorse, moxon vise and a few clamps will work.  A deck post helps to stabilize.

Makes a handy sharpening station, too.

RE: Substitute Bench - hbmcc - 07-27-2019

Cool! You hate working in a dungeon too. 

When I made my Cascade Chairs--Adirondacks you can actually sit in--I just threw a discounted Melamine sheet over two horses and leaned everything into the garage. Works better if the table can be locked to the support, or post.

RE: Substitute Bench - mr_skittle - 07-29-2019

That looks like a pretty stout sawhorse. Anything less and it probably wouldn't work very well. Way to make it happen!

RE: Substitute Bench - TraditionalToolworks - 07-29-2019

Looks much better than those old Workmate's. I know a lot of people go ga-ga over them, but I've never been too fond of them unless I really needed to use something in a pinch. Your Moxon vise looks like a stable setup. Yes


RE: Substitute Bench - bandit571 - 07-29-2019

Long time ago, before the Dungeon Shop was even thought of....back porch of the house we were renting, had a 2 x 4 top rail.....was able to clamp a lot of thing to that railing....old shop was 9 miles away, too far to walk ( tried it, one day...)

Rather than haul my bench out the the Dungeon Shop to work on the new front porch... Rolleyes
Older version of a Work Mate...type 2? Confused   held a lot of boards, while I cut them to size...including the 4 x 4 posts...easier and safer...
was even set up as a mitersaw bench, for doing handrail parts for the steps....

What's better than a single sawhorse?
2, of course, with a 2 x 12 deck....

RE: Substitute Bench - BaileyNo5 - 07-29-2019

mr_skittle, yes, those sawhorses have served me well.  They are quite sturdy.  Any weaker components are 2x4s sandwiched with hardboard.  And they knock down, too, for transport and storage.

bandit, you demonstrate nicely that there are not really any new ideas, just re-hashes of old ones.  Nice setup you had there.  Good work and results can happen anywhere if you are determined enough!  Yes