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Spraying Question - fptahoe - 08-08-2019

This may be a stupid question, but that never stopped me before.  I have an Earlex 5500 Spray Station.  Yesterday for the first time, I sprayed a topcoat (GF HP) onto a spindled chair - like a Windsor Chair but all spindles have patterns done on a lathe.  As I was spraying the spindles and then went to spray the seat, I had a fair amount (more than there should have been) of the finish pooling on the seat right where the spindles meet the seat.  I then used a foam brush to level it out but when it dried, there were ridges in the finish which I sanded out and then reapplied more topcoat.

I am new to spraying - this is only my third project.  My question: is there a technique to spraying a Windsor-like chair to avoid pooling of the finish on the seat?  Should I cover the seat and let the spindles dry before coating the seat?  Back off on the amount of finish applied to the spindle with air/finish screw?  Just be very careful?  Any advice would be really appreciated.  Thanks as always...FPT.

RE: Spraying Question - CLETUS - 08-08-2019

(08-08-2019, 12:11 PM)fptahoe Wrote:  Back off on the amount of finish applied to the spindle

The best finish, just about, but not quite ran.

RE: Spraying Question - Stwood_ - 08-08-2019

Yes, back off the amount of product out of the gun.
Less finish, more coats.

RE: Spraying Question - fredhargis - 08-08-2019

It sure sounds like the finish on the spindles simply ran down to the seat. It may be a matter of practice along with the other tips. Can you sit up a faux arrangement to spray and test your technique...say maybe a dowel or 2 stuck into board? I do think lighter (and more) coats is the answer, but you may still need to practice.

RE: Spraying Question - Kansas City Fireslayer - 08-10-2019

Sounds like too much material for a vertical surface. I always try to preplan my spraying “route” to help avoid areas accumulating too much finish. Make sure you have good lighting which rakes across the surface so you can see how much build you’re getting or lack there of. Chairs are a bit more challenging to spray. Working from top to bottom can help prevent overspray with quick drying finishes.

RE: Spraying Question - fptahoe - 08-10-2019

Thanks to all.  I followed the advice given here and the chairs came out great.  I backed off on the material delivered and went top down.  The rest of the chairs came out much better than the first one.  Thanks as always...FPT.

RE: Spraying Question - Stwood_ - 08-11-2019

Cool  ....................

RE: Spraying Question - Kansas City Fireslayer - 08-15-2019

Practice makes perfect...