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A reminder - Tony Z - 11-17-2019

For those that use air tools, with the compressor in an area that gets cool/cold, don't forget to drain the tank! I drain mine about every two weeks, but with the temperature drop in my shop, far more moisture is produced and it needs drained after each use.

RE: A reminder - MarkSingleton - 11-17-2019

Best thing I ever added to my shop air system is an automatic drain valve.
From Harbor Freight no less. Plumbed into the "unloader valve" line, it activates
automatically, when the compressor shuts off at the preset psi level.
I have the drain line running into a large see through plastic bottle. The most
I have to remember to do is empty water out of the bottle now and then.  Cost was less than
thirty dollars or so, IIRC.

RE: A reminder - daddo - 11-17-2019

Dang! Got my stuff done and I was just getting ready to take a nap- thanks a lot!   Haven't drained it in a long time.  Now it's going to haunt me if I don't do it right now.   Smirk

RE: A reminder - Stwood_ - 11-18-2019

Auto drains are nice..........and I routed the drain hose through the wall, outside.

RE: A reminder - EricU - 11-20-2019

one of the grad students didn't like the auto drain startling him, so he disconnected it and didn't tell anyone.  He drained the tank manually. Then he graduated.  We noticed some equipment failures (think $$$).  Whole tank was full of water and the air system had to be torn out because it was full of salt (used as a desiccant). I forget how much equipment was ruined, definitely into 6 figures worth.  I forget if this was when the water separator being turned off by the university guys working on the building, they didn't like the fact that it was hot, apparently.