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Messed uo - LarryK - 11-19-2019

I got a text with a picture from a builder I work for. He said I could have this router. He didn’t know what it was except a porter cable. The pic looked like one of those 2 hp? ones they used to sell. Ive had about 4 of those. I burned them up or broke them after a while. A while being 10 years. I figured this one was on its last leg and I had switched to Bosch and makita. My good buddy and coworker told me yesterday he took it. It was a 2-1/2 HP D handle. That’s back when porter cable made porter cable I think. I missed out on a classic that would last a lifetime. Rule of thumb send good pictures and ask for better pictures.

RE: Messed uo - stav - 11-19-2019

Or other rule of thumb.  If the pics are bad, just take the item and figure out if you want it after you own it.

RE: Messed uo - Tapper - 11-22-2019

Just like the old saying "Always take cash!"