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Big question - Aram - 09-05-2020

Hey all, 

If anyone is reading this, I have a big ask.

Here's the deal. I was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig disease) in 2019. The docs had suspected it for a long time before that. I'm still able to do a lot of things, including working, walking, and woodworking. My symptoms have been getting worse lately, and there is no way to predict what will happen. There are no "stages." It affects different people in very different ways.

I intend to finish the cabinet. Hopefully, I can. If I can't would anyone else like to? I can send what I have completed, my drawings, wood for the last steps, and way too many notes about what I intended the last parts to look like. Again, I hope to complete it myself, but you never know. If it comes down to someone else finishing it, that person can certainly hang on to it afterwards.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Arlin Eastman - 09-05-2020

I am so sorry about that Aram.  I am not even going to touch it since it is beyond my skills. 

Hope you do finish it or someone else that is up to your level.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Tapper - 09-07-2020

Starting to follow along today; have been admiring your work and techniques. So sorry to hear of your situation and wish you the best moving forward. Hopefully, someone here who operates at your skill level will be willing to take over should it be necessary.

Best of luck,


RE: Small cabinet build-along - BrokenOlMarine - 09-07-2020

Your work is beyond me my friend, I'm pulling for you to bring this job to completion.  I can't wait to see your vision brought to life.  Wink

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Philip1231 - 09-07-2020

Aram: I have a feeling you will be able to finish this project, and the next project as well. We are all here rooting for you! Best Regards, Phil

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Bill Holt - 09-07-2020

Aram, I'm guessing Saturday Sept 5th was a tough day when you told us about ALS.  I have no idea of what you must be dealing with, but I do know there are a whole lot of guys here pulling for you.  Your skill level was to be admired before we knew of your health.  Even more so now.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - cputnam - 09-09-2020

Aram - Count me in the group of folks pulling for you. Your cabinet is beyond me but I know you will be able to finish it.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Scoony - 09-14-2020

I am also pulling for you. Been following along with this build. Really look forward to seeing it completed.

RE: Big question - Aram - 10-18-2020

Back on it! Working on the drawer backs. Eight out of ten drawers are dovetailed, two more backs to go.

RE: Big question - Aram - 10-25-2020

I've been able to get more regular shop time. I got all the drawers glued, and hand-planed 8 out of 10 of them to a deliberately snug fit into the drawer compartments. I'll take off a few shavings when I do the final fitting. I always enjoy this step, and the several hand planes involved. I lost track of most of the music I went through, but Jerry Jeff Walker passed away the other day. He was a unique voice in some area between fudge (seriously? eff oh ell kay) and country, with some rock in him too. I listened to a bunch of his music yesterday.

Eight out of ten planed. Two partially planed, but healing from chip repairs.

Here's proof of progress.