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RE: Small cabinet build-along - C. in Indy - 10-26-2020

It's looking great!

I also like making snug drawers and then planing them to fit well.


RE: Big question - Aram - 11-01-2020

Here is a little more progress. Yesterday was Halloween, so The Crow soundtrack, and Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party. 

I finally glued the cabinet. Everything left to glue but the divider panels, which are still in loose at this point.

The mitered frame pieces were not exactly level with one another. A little card scraper work here, and on the top frame, took care of that quickly.

I am pleased with the mitered top. It looks tight without gaps.

I touched up the drawers a little with hand planes, then screwed and glued the drawer runners onto the dividers, touched up the divider fronts with a hand plane to get rid of a couple dings and to make them flush with the cabinet, and glued them in.

RE: Big question - Aram - 11-02-2020

A friend pointed me towards Bear Family Records last year. I had never heard of them. They are a German label who release mostly American (as far as I can tell) sets on CD. I have the two Waylon Jennings box sets from them a while back, and they are fantastic. I listened to a little of that between making power tool noises.

I routed grooves in the sides of the drawers.

The fronts intentionally overlap, so I can trim them for even reveals. Anyway, they don't look unbelievably crooked, so i think I can work with this. We'll see.

RE: Big question - Aram - 11-08-2020

This is a build-along. When I screw up bad, you'll hear about it.

I had the drawer supports in like this. How long do you think they last before they break off? They are mostly not supported. That was stupid.

I added these cross pieces. They are are glued all around. 

The next part went well. I used chisels and a router plane to extend the drawer grooves by the right amount, so that the runners act as stops. Also hand-planed the lips on the bottoms of the drawer fronts, which I had left a little long on purpose, for an initial fit.

First fit is pretty good. I'll touch it up later for even reveals between the drawers. 

The next part is bad. I was fitting the large drawers, and I managed to push the cabinet off the bench, onto the concrete floor. You probably heard me right afterwards. It could have been a lot worse. The only visible ding I see is on the top of one of the rear legs, and it's not huge. I can work something out. The drawers appear to be fine. Some of the cabinet joints separated a little, which alarmed me as I thought they were tight and glued well. I snuck in a little more liquid hide glue and clamped it again. That brings us up to now.

RE: Big question - Aram - 11-08-2020

Correction. The drawer I was fitting had one of the rear pins break off. Repair in process. Otherwise, it looks like this. So i have that going for me. Which is nice.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Bill Holt - 11-09-2020

Oh my gosh!!!  I think my heart would have stopped when the cabinet fell off of the bench.  It's looking pretty good, your craftmanship is paying off.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Scoony - 11-09-2020

I have had parts fall off the bench. Yesterday a drawer front fell and dinged up a corner but it was a corner getting cut out for a half pin.

The cabinet is looking great.

RE: Big question - Aram - 11-09-2020

Drawers fitted, reveals as even as I could get them all around. Touched up the sides here and there to make them slide well. Hopefully, I allowed for the finish. I stuck the door in to see how it all looks together.

This is the first project I've done where I thought turned pulls would look good. I am not a turner. I'll have to carve something instead.

Johnny Hodges and Howlin' Wolf.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - TomFromStLouis - 11-13-2020

I am pretty sure I use similar tools and take as much care as you are doing here, but my work never looks this good. 

Yer pissin' me off.


RE: Small cabinet build-along - Aram - 11-13-2020

(11-13-2020, 02:53 PM)TomFromStLouis Wrote: I am pretty sure I use similar tools and take as much care as you are doing here, but my work never looks this good. 

Yer pissin' me off.


Thank you, sir  Laugh