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RE: Small cabinet build-along - Arlin Eastman - 03-01-2020

(02-29-2020, 12:07 AM)Derek Cohen Wrote: Aram, I always start out with a full-sized drawing on a 6mm MDF sheet. The provides a better perspective and view of proportions, and later i can use it as a story stick ...

Regards from Perth



If you are willing I would like to get a sketch of the coffee table.  I really like it.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Arlin Eastman - 03-01-2020

(02-29-2020, 09:05 PM)Aram Wrote: The start of this project is going to be a bit slow, but I expect it to pick up steam. First, I jointed the veneer in preparation for edge-gluing. Line up the mating edges, fold them like a book, clamp in a plywood sandwich and take a few very light passes with a jack plane. Why not my jointer plane? Because I forgot about it. The advice I have read says don't spring the joints for veneer, so i jointed them straight. I've done it before, and it worked, which is good enough for me.

That is almost the way I do the very thin roses I made.  However I make them 1/2" wider and clamp 3/16" on each side which makes a 1/16" left and hand plane and sand down to about 1/40 .025 or to 1/64  0.0156.  I use a block with 1000g to get it that thin, thickness, and stable.
I made a lot of mistakes but I am very sure you can do it easy enough.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Aram - 03-01-2020

Lots of work, but still not much interesting to show. I'm making the top and bottom frames. I've had this miter box (Langdon, i think?) for years. I bought it from a Woodnetter. I never used it until recently. That was a mistake. It cuts perfectly and the detents are bang on.

Listened to Aretha Franklin, Aretha's Gold. Then moved on to jazz. Robert Glasper's Canvas, and Duke Ellington's Money Jungle. Two terrific albums.

I shot the top and bottom long pieces to the same length. I line them up exactly on one end, and run a fingernail across the other end. If the nail catches, that means another shaving or two. Same for the short pieces. 

I will turn these into partial miters. But first, I need to glue the veneer down to the sides. Some of the veneer pieces cupped overnight, which makes me concerned about flatness after gluing. The plywood substrate is only 1/2" thick, so it may well move in any direction the veneer pulls it. But I need the sides flat. We'll see.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Aram - 03-02-2020

Gluing veneer to the sides. I haven't done this in a lot of years and it shows: too much glue. I think it will be fine.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Aram - 03-07-2020

Recent progress was dialing in my shooting board for miters, and making practice pieces. Jazz great McCoy Tyner passed away the other night. I listened to a few of his albums, The Real McCoy, Sahara, and Soliloquy. Amazing, all. Also listened to The Immortal, by the under-appreciated blues great Mississippi John Hurt. Then some Irma Jackson. 

Back to the actual, not practice, build:

The top and bottom of the cabinet part of the cabinet will be frame and panel. Maybe minus the panel for the bottom. They will join to the legs, and come together in the middle with partial miters. First, I put down blue tape, and used a marking gauge to slice it, measuring from the outside, a bit wider than the outside (non-mitered) portion will actually be. This will -- or might -- give me some room to adjust the miters if they are not perfect. I think that part will make more sense when the build starts coming together. I marked each miter.

Then sawed them proud of the marks.

Pile of partial miters, waiting to be trimmed to exact size.

I shot each end of each miter. Again, since I am using a single-sided shooting board, the angle has be be dead on 45 degrees. It is not important to shoot them exactly to the lines I marked, but all ends must be identical to each other. There will be room to make very minor adjustments later, but that's not easy and I want to minimize the need.

The top and bottom frames came together fairly well.

However, the notched corners will be joined to the legs. This will constrain the position of the frame pieces. When I get to that step, I expect them not to be as tight as they are here.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Arlin Eastman - 03-07-2020

Wow that is pretty good.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Aram - 03-08-2020

Started in on the mortises on the frame pieces. To be followed up by matching mortises in the legs, and a making a bunch of loose tenons. I think I'll pass on photo blitzes for this exciting portion of this build. A few pics to prove I actually did something. Listened to The Jayhawks (Hollywood Town Hall, tomorrow The Green Grass, Bunkhouse Album). 

Cut the legs to length. Shaping them will be the fun part, but joinery comes first.

Leg orientation matters. The outsides will be curved. The grain needs to run across the correct diagonals.

And the grain needs to run outwards toward the bottoms.

Routed mortises on the top frame pieces. I don't know why it takes me so long to do this stuff. Nice thing about this rig is, with a spacer, I can use it for the matching leg mortises.

Bunch of mortises, and so ends the weekend.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Arlin Eastman - 03-08-2020

Goodness that came out very well and love it.

Also the bench is a peach to.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - cputnam - 03-09-2020

Aram, since you like jazz, I'll suggest the free streaming service kkjz.org or (same place) jazzandblues.org. Keep the build coming, people are watching.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Aram - 03-09-2020

(03-09-2020, 09:48 PM)cputnam Wrote: Aram, since you like jazz, I'll suggest the free streaming service  kkjz.org or (same place) jazzandblues.org.  Keep the build coming, people are watching.

Thanks for the lead!