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I need your advice - Aram - 07-03-2020

[Edit] I changed the title of this post to say, "I need your advice," but it's not showing. Anyway...

This is a visual choice, so I really have to make it myself. But I will put the question out there.

I've never used knife hinges before, and it shows. This is where I intended it to go.

The cards are for the reveal. I had not thought that through. Ordinarily, the knife hinge would have a lot of wood to the right. In this design, the front rail ends at the leg. When I cut the hinge mortise, there is obviously no way to leave a sliver of wood, the thickness of those cards, on the right. It would crumble anyway. Option one is, I remove that sliver of wood when I cut the mortise, which will leave a slight, but definitely visible gap. Option two is I install the hinge on the left side (where the divider panel is) of the right compartment, instead of on the leg side. But then it would open the wrong way, in my opinion.

If I had realized this from the get-go, I would have put the door compartment in the middle. Harsh lesson.


RE: Small cabinet build-along - Arlin Eastman - 07-05-2020

I do not know since I have never done anything like that, is there a way to take out the two and use on for a side with drawers with then do the door in the middle????  Only one side with the grooves will be wasted.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - C. in Indy - 07-05-2020

Well,   I'm not fully picturing the final hinge/door intent, but for sure there are adhesives that will bond a bit of thin veneer to brass.   It probably wouldn't matter if you replace end-grain with long-grain for a small surface like that.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with hinges Smile

You'll come out on top of this one!


RE: I need your advice - Aram - 07-05-2020

I had been putting off 3 shop projects. I replaced the ceiling fluorescents with LEDs a few weeks ago. Last weekend, I built an assembly table, and a replacement outfeed table for my table saw. (I built the previous one for my Unisaw. The transition when I re-purposed it for my PM66 did not, let's say, go very smoothly. So I built a new one.) This weekend, I got back to the project at hand. 

Out of pure selflessness, I email-ordered a bunch more CDs from Eugene's House of Records. Purely a beneficent act, of course. The Persuasions, Street Corner Symphony and Staples Singers, Best Of, are both excellent, if a little out of my usual types of music. I also got some Johnny Hodges, and I must say, Duke Ellington -- as great as he was -- was lucky to have Hodges when he did have him. Amazing stuff. Also Lee Morgan and Tommy Flanagan. Great jazz all around.

Milled a lot of wood for the drawers. And I worked up the nerve to make the knife hinge mortises. I learned a hard lesson with the gap thing (a couple posts above), and have the door opening the wrong way, hinges on the left. It will bug me forever. I suspect most people will never notice. 

A stack of playing cards (4 of them) and mirror image versions (for top and bottom hinges) of this thing were my positioning tools. 

Butted the hinges against them, with blue tape underneath, and knifed the outline.

Once marked, I disassembled the cabinet, and went to work on the mortises with chisels. 

The hinges fit snugly, but I have a couple of visible chisel dings on the bottom one. I am supposed to know better. The resulting gaps are not as bad as I thought at first (I can post a photo, if anyone want to see), but that almost always means a mental lapse. Don't let it happen again, I told myself.

If you want to make fun of me, I tried this at first. Then I realized it's not right for a mortise stopped on both sides. Doh! I don't have an OWT version, so the mortises were done purely by chisel.

On to the door. I made a practice one, with encouraging results, so I went on to the real thing. Again, I have never fitted knife hinges before. As I understand it, there's not much latitude on any direction. Dead nuts, is the directive. 

Positioned the hinge and knifed around it. Blue tape again, to help my aging eyes.

On my first practice piece, I tried using chisels only. It wasn't fun and I scrapped the idea. Anyway, I had a chance to use my new trim router -- a fantastic little battery-operated thing by Milwaukee. The LED is terrific, made it very easy to see. The wood sandwich is a platform for the router base (left) and protection against the 1/8" thin edge coming away (right). 

I chiseled the rest of it. Test fit looked promising.

Does it all go together? Surprisingly, and pleasingly, yes! A good fit, and even reveal.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Arlin Eastman - 07-06-2020

Boy that looks great.  So glad you taken the time to practice first with looking at the end results.  Well done!!!

RE: I need your advice - Aram - 07-06-2020

Bullet catch installed. The mating piece in the door bottom didn't go in perfectly, but it works.

RE: I need your advice - Aram - 07-11-2020

Johnny Cash and a whole morning just to install shelf pins in the door compartment.

And another probably hour to figure out the drawer runners, and realize what I needed to order from McMaster. So much for doing those this weekend. The thin guides I made a few posts ago? Going in the trash. Too flimsy. I'm moving over to side runners. it is not my favorite system, requires grooves on the drawer sides, but I think it will be the best solution here.

RE: I need your advice - Aram - 07-18-2020

Minor progress, got the drawer slides fitted. Screwed in at each end. Not glued yet, in case I need to adjust any of them slightly.

Build-along true stories, I dinged this when I moved the cabinet. Now i get to fix it. That's irritating.

I've also discovered an interesting illusion. The bevel (where the ding is) slopes down about at 45 degrees. But from a lot of angles, it appears to be square to the leg. I tried a steeper angle on a test piece, but the visual effect was about the same. Weird.

In between long days at work and longer ones, I slowly milled down my drawer sides boards, and got a lot of them cut today. I hope to start on the actual drawer making tomorrow.

RE: I need your advice - Aram - 07-19-2020

Richard and Linda Thompson, and a lot of prep work.

Drawer sides shot square and to length. I didn't bother to make them all exactly the same. I just made the R and L side lengths the same for each drawer. I'm sure there will be differences from drawer to drawer, but those will be tiny.

Marked out front dovetails with blue tape, to help these aging eyes. Took a while, but it is always worth it.

RE: Small cabinet build-along - Arlin Eastman - 07-20-2020

You have a lot of dovetails to do.  Cant wait to see how they work and fit.