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National tune yer bandsaw day - Tony Z - 06-26-2020

Today was dedicated to bandsaws! First, last week, I dragged an old 12" Craftsman bandsaw/sander into my shop, that belonged to my dad (died in 2004, and this saw never really ran for him!). Anyhow, my father was never a bandsaw person, and the misadjustments on this saw show why. I ordered and received a 1/8" blade, so I can use this machine like a scroll saw. I had to wire a new cord on it also. After getting the guides and "back of blade" bearing adjusted, I had to fiddle with getting to saw to track. For anyone that's interested, the tracking adjust is the screw in the center of the top wheel. First thing that needs done, is to make the top and bottom wheels co-planar, and then incrementally turn the screw in or out. After 4 or 5 hours, that saw now cuts like a champ.

The next bandsaw, was my 17" Grizzly (one of the deluxe models). The bottom tire shredded last week, and I decided to replace both tires, along with a new Woodslicer blade. To put the new tires on, required pulling the wheel (not a biggie), and heating the new tires in hot water to expand them enough to slip on (was still a struggle). Wheels were put back on, new blade put on, took 2 or 3 minutes to track, and this saw that already cut like a champ, now cuts like an Olympic champ. With tires and blade, I had maybe 1-1/2 hours tops!

Both machines were given a good once over and cleaning, and both cut very nicely! The Craftsman will make a really nice scroll machine!

RE: National tune yer bandsaw day - Stwood_ - 06-26-2020

Awww. I didn't get the bandsaw tuneup memo. Guess I better get busy. Lol

RE: National tune yer bandsaw day - shoottmx - 06-26-2020

Good on you for reviving your dad's BS.


RE: National tune yer bandsaw day - Phil Thien - 06-26-2020

There are few things more satisfying that a properly tuned bandsaw.