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Bench Items Strorage - Scoony - 07-01-2020

Never had a good place to keep my shooting board or bench hook. When it came time to make a new bench hook, I thought about using the french cleat system as a means for storage. Grips the edge of the bench just fine and I can hang them out of the way when not in use. The shooting board hangs off the rear edge of the bench top. The bench hook hangs down on the right side on the base cross member. Thought I would share for anyone looking for a way to store these out of the way. 



RE: Bench Items Strorage - barryvabeach - 07-01-2020

Nice idea,  thanks for the post.

RE: Bench Items Strorage - msweig - 07-02-2020

I might steal this idea. I was planning on adjusting a shelf for my new shooting board. This might be easier Smile