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Saws came home - bandit571 - 07-05-2020

Did a bit of trading....sharpen  4 saws....in exchange for a new in box, 4 bladed (with light kit)  ceiling fan...to replace the broken one in his shop....
Well, the No. 4 was getting a bit dull....and the No. 68 needed sharpened....may have use for both later...
This 18" frame saw....needed it's 9ppi teeth sharpened up.....and..
The Disston No. D-115 was getting a bit dull....will go to work beside the No. D-100 I have...
They look like a D-8, except for the fancy handles...
The D-100 is a 7ppi....the D-115 is a 10ppi.....

Should get some use out of them.....next project? Winkgrin

RE: Saws came home - stav - 07-06-2020

Are those all newly acquired saws or ones you already had? If new, you might need to start on a second saw till.

Nice assortment of saws.

RE: Saws came home - bandit571 - 07-06-2020

Just saws that were in need of a good sharpening.....Normally, he charges $10 per saw.