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Mid Century Modern plans? - ToledoTom - 07-30-2020

I need to make new bedroom furniture and I’d like to go with a mid century modern style. Other than one book of “plans” (not very good ones) on Amazon, have any of you folks ever seen any plans available for this style of furniture? I need to make a queen bed, and then some side tables and then two chests of drawers. Thanks. Tom

RE: Mid Century Modern plans? - DaveR1 - 07-30-2020

What book did you see on Amazon?

RE: Mid Century Modern plans? - stav - 07-31-2020

Derek Cohen in Handtools has put out some really great mid century work.  Might want to post in that forum as well.  Maybe he can give you some sources.

RE: Mid Century Modern plans? - AlistairD - 07-31-2020

Depending on how extravagant or restrained you want to go with your designs it might be easier to sketch something up yourself to work from, taking a few critical dimensions from reference pieces and going on from there to add your own flavour.

I found a book in a junk shop called "Making Modern Danish Furniture" by Rolf Schütze 1973. It's detailed enough to start from their case study plans to make something fitting your own needs.

RE: Mid Century Modern plans? - DaveR1 - 07-31-2020

Another book you might look at is called How to Build Modern Furniture by Mario DalFabbro. It has plans for a few different beds and will give you some good basic references for the style.

Alistair makes a good suggestion, too. If you have a decent idea of how to assemble it, working from some photos of existing pieces to make your own plans can work, too. With basic dimensions which you can work out from the size of the bed, you should be able to figure out enough details to get it done.

Have you got any photos of the sort of bed you are after?

RE: Mid Century Modern plans? - Bob Vaughan - 07-31-2020

Cabinetmaking and millwork by Feirer has all kinds of examples of how that kind of furniture is built.  The plans are petty compared to the wealth of other woodworking information.