Just wondering about the Stanley threads
  Re: RE: Just wondering about the Stanley threads by Timberwolf ([quote='Arlin Eastma...)
(02-14-2019, 05:00 PM)Timberwolf Wrote: I have always been pretty convinced that Stanley used "unconventional" threads so as to become the "sole source" for parts... Crazy
Just keep in mind that Stanley Rule and Level was making its tools before standardized thread pitches were really solidly in place.  Whether they decided, following standardization, to stick with their offbeat sizes/pitches to make it easy for people to buy replacement parts or whether they did it to minimize the chance that others would steal their parts market, I don't know.  I'm inclined to suspect the former; it's not like replacement parts are all that huge a market in general.

I once used a cap screw that was originally for a Harley Davidson motorcycle for a plane repair - it seems Harley used oddball sizes/pitches on their early motorsickles.  The mechanic who sold it to me commented that the guys who were involved with Harley had railroad background, and apparently the railroads had their own standards for threads.

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