I think this is legit. Anyone in the area know for sure?


Greetings Brass City Records fans , friends , customers and family. We come to you one last time in an attempt to properly perserve the legacy of our friend and mentor, Walt Quadrato. Over the last few months, friends of the family have been very busy cleaning out 30+ years of items that have accumulated. But time has not been on our side, and the process has taken much longer than we expected (or could afford). The family is in desperate need of fund raising to help pay the rent for another month, so everything can be properly perserved and Walt's legacy remain intact. It is our hope that we will be all cleared out by the end of November, and we hope to celebrate with a party (at the store) for everyone that has contributed, to share our final memories of the store and the man that meant so much to all of us. Please give anything that you can to help the family, or we fear at the end of October, everything will need to be disposed of, including important local relics and personal family memories , due simply to the lack of time and money. One last time for Walter!


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  WaltQ's Brass City GoFundMe meackerman I think this is legi...
Thanks, I threw in a few bones.
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  Re: WaltQ's Brass City GoFundMe Randy B. Thanks, I threw in a...
Me too! I only met him a couple of times (buying tools) but he was a nice guy. My best to his family and friends!

  Re: WaltQ's Brass City GoFundMe DCarr10760 Me too! I only met h...
I believe Rick Roberts (Roundtoit) is in touch with Walt's wife. Perhaps he can confirm.
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  Re: WaltQ's Brass City GoFundMe DaveParkis I believe Rick Rober...
Halfway there and a bump in the process
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  WaltQ's Brass City GoFundMe meackerman I think this is legi...
This is definitely legit. We are working to recoup some of the costs and some of the ongoing expenses for the family as we work toward the clearing out of Brass City Records and Old Tools.. Over 30 years in one location can only lead you to imagine what Walter has collected over the years. The expense involved is greater than any one of us could have ever imagined. Anyone who would like to contribute should know that these contributions are going directly to the family for these expenses. The link to the site is:


Thanks in advance for all of your support. And as we have said all along no donation is too small and if you cannot contribute please forward this link on...
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WaltQ's Brass City GoFundMe

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