I thought this was a No7, but I don't find a maker on it anywhere.    It's in good shape except for surface rust.  It's been in a box in my conditioned crawlspace for the last 3 years so I would expect a bit of rust.   No cracks or pitting in the plane body, tote and handle are not cracked.  At some point somebody (not me) did maybe paint over the japanning on the top.  Sides and bottom are unpainted.    It has a corrugated bottom and someone (not me) drilled holes in the side, presumably for hanging. The bottom is flat. The chip breaker is in good shape.  The iron is reasonably sharp and there's a very good chance I bought it new then used it very little.  This is one of several tools I got about 12 years ago when I thought I was going to do hand tool woodworking. I had a basement shop at the time, under my daughter's bedroom.  Instead, my wife showed me a building and said "if you can move this, this can be your shop".  So I did.    It deserves to be used for what it was made for.

I'd like 25.00 + shipping, either large flat rate box or 10lbs from 27278, whichever is cheaper for you.


  SOLD Jointing Plane crokett™ I thought this was a...
Someone probably had a fence bolted to the side, thus the holes.
Doubtful you bought it new, unless you are over a hundred. Lol SmileSmile

Ooh edit...bought the blade new?? That changes things. Lol

The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

 When I use the toilet it smells just like fresh brewed coffee!
fredp 02/13/2020

  SOLD Jointing Plane crokett™ I thought this was a...
Well yeah, Davy Crockett would be over 100 now.
  SOLD Jointing Plane crokett™ I thought this was a...
yeah Im not that old...
  SOLD Jointing Plane crokett™ I thought this was a...
I will take it.

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Know what, Bob? You win. CharlieD, 4/21/2008
I salute you. Hail MGoBlue! Hail MGoBlue! Hail MGoBlue!!!! CRR, 2/19/2008
SOLD Jointing Plane

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