Emmert Vise?
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Can anyone tell me about the Emmert vise with what looks like X98 cast into it? I don't know much about these vises and the websites I found, so far, show 82 cast where the X98 is cast on the one I'm looking at. I'm not seeing any cast with the X98 on those sites. Any concerns with these vises, things to look for, parts to make sure are there? Are there good places to get parts for these if they need it?

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This probably isn't really news to you, but pictures would really help your cause.
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After a couple people trying to snipe items out from under me here, I was trying to avoid too many details. Just checking on that casting number. Looks similar to this one:

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I still have some Emmertt parts for both the K1 and the turtleback. If anybody needs something.
http://ancorayachtservice.com/ home of the Chain Leg Vise.
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I should be picking up the vise tomorrow, I'll get in touch with you, if I find something missing.
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It's just a part number. Don't worry about it.

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K, just wondering if it was rare (worth more), since I wasn't seeing one online.

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It's home and I realized while taking the pictures that I was looking at the casting number upside down, in the online photos, it is 86x. The guy said years ago he worked at a place where is was used in the pattern room. He didn't use it himself but some how ended up with it. The only things missing are the handle and the tilt arm, which he had, but can't find. He thinks his sons might have taken it.


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Your going to like that vice. I have a Yost which is very close to that one. Yost had worked for Emmert for a while before striking it out on his own.

Mounting it can be a hassle. I took it apart so I could deal with the least amount of weight while mounting it.
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+ 1 on disassembly, to just fit the bracket to the bench.

You can also use a saw bench or stout footstool to prop up the screw
mechanism, and clamp the bracket in place with the vise at 90 degrees to the bracket.

Disassembly and lubrication of a vise this old is sensible, so why not?

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