getting a 20" planer off it's pallet
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I'm ordering a Griz 20" planer in the next day or two. It will have the mobility kit. How did any of you get it off the pallet down to the floor? Can a ramp be built and then roll it off or do I need to go rent an engine hoist? It's going in a garage so no chance of using a fudge lift. It will be just my 17 year old son and I so at almost 900 pounds, I had better be careful. Also, how about lifting the table to the base of an 8" jointer? Can two people lift it out of the box and place it on the base? Big iron is coming soon!
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  Re: getting a 20" planer off it's pallet by howardh (I'm ordering a Griz ...)
It's only an 8" jointer, but there wasn't any labor to it.

Usually I run a 2x12 about 16' long through the trusses, and attach a hoist to that and use a chain hoist, or similar to lift it enough to put your base under it. No open ceiling, or shaky or unknown construction, and no buddy with a forklift, ask around if anyone has a 1 or 2 ton engine lift.

They rent these if you don't know someone with one, they break down, and most will fit in a trunk.

You need to lift it to get it on the base, you also will likely need to lift it to get it clear of all the packing as well, not to mention you may need to get it off a truck.
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  Re: getting a 20" planer off it's pallet by howardh (I'm ordering a Griz ...)
It's been several years but IIRC:
I just slid my 20" planer off of the pallet... I was by myself and don't remember having issues. I may have used a plywood ramp?

My brother and I lifted the 8" jointer table/bed onto the base w/o any difficulty.
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  Re: getting a 20" planer off it's pallet by howardh (I'm ordering a Griz ...)
You may not be able to roll that size of planer off a pallet. I borrowed (because I'm a cheapskate) an engine hoist from my neighbor. The only problem is that the hoist legs which are splayed for stability may not be far apart enough to go on either side of the pallet. Earlier this year I bought a new 15" Jet planer. It was a bear to get off without damaging it. Fortunately, my brother in law was around to help. We had to cut away some of the pallet so we could get an engine hoist close enough to lift it up. Even then it was a little dicey.

Anybody in the neighborhood have a Bobcat or end loader?
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The engine hoist would be my first choice in that situation, IF the legs can straddle the pallet (it might come on an undersized pallet). It's also what I used for my jointer. You might also need some load slings (nylon straps with loops at each end).
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  Re: getting a 20" planer off it's pallet by howardh (I'm ordering a Griz ...)
It's been a number of years, but my recollection is that getting the 20" Grizzly off the pallet was considerably easier than getting the mobile base under it.
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Hopefully, you've requested lift-gate service. The driver will have a pallet jack, and if he can get close to the garage and there is no lip to get over, can wheel it in for you if you ask nicely and help push (a few bucks to grease the wheels is always nice).

From there, either an engine hoist, or you may be able to dismantle the pallet from under the machine piece by piece, replacing the pallet pieces with blocking as you go. A Johnson lever is useful here, but they cost more than an engine hoist rental, though you could make your own (with or without wheels) just for this project. Take your time, and keep fingers and toes away - think before making a move, and you'll get it done.


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I normally use my 1971 model Massey-Ferguson 165 with front loader when I move or assemble machines.
However my Stenberg combination machine was too heavy for it so I had to ask a local farmer for help. His old VolvoBM loader did the job.
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  Re: getting a 20" planer off it's pallet by howardh (I'm ordering a Griz ...)
I had to put mine in the basement. I used my neighbors front end loader to get it out of the trailer and into the garage. Then I crated it and I used an engine hoist to un-assemble it. Then the front end loader to carry the base and the head in different trips from the garage around the back of the house to the basement entrance. Then I used the engine hoist to re-assemble in the basement onto a mobile base. I don't know how I would have done it without that.

edit to add, I just moved and couldn't find any moving company who would move it for me. I left it for new owner as I really don't have room in my new shop for it anyway and will be getting a joiner/planer combo machine.

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  Re: getting a 20" planer off it's pallet by howardh (I'm ordering a Griz ...)
I use a tripod made of 10' long 4 x 4's bolted together at the top, with a 2 ton chain fall, to lift all kinds of things. As long as I can get the tripod around whatever I need to lift it works great. I tie the legs together near the bottom with rope if it's on a cement floor so they won't slip out. I originally made it for lifting logs but have used it for all kinds of other projects. It easily handled 1500+ lb logs.

If the tripod wouldn't fit around your planer, but I think it will, I'd make a temporary little gantry crane out of some 2 x10's to fit over the machine and hold the chain fall. A-frames on the ends with a double 2 x 10 between them and a gusset on each side to keep it from racking.


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