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I have finally gotten around to starting a plane till / tool cabinet. I'll post pictures when it gets done, but I have a question. Several of you who have been kind enough to share pictures of your tool cabinets suggested using a removable insert for the inside of the door cavity so that you can swap it out when you decide to rearrange tools. My question is how do you attach the insert to the door?

My door skins and the inserts are both going to be 1/2" Baltic Birch ply. I was thinking a screw in each corner, but there's less than 1" of total thickness. Are 3/4" screws really enough? I have a concrete floor, so if the insert panel lets go, there will be a lot of chisels and gouges to sharpen.

Thanks in advance for the advice.
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I put threaded inserts into the door frame and used 1/4-20 screws in each corner. You could probably do the same but may need to build the 1/2" up to 3/4" where the inserts will sit. Or epoxy a nut into a 1/4" deep cavity in the 1/2" door.
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Thanks Jim,

Never thought of threaded inserts. I like that. Theoretically I could make the door skins out of 3/4" ply, but that would mean buying another piece. building up the corners is definitely an option. I have 3-1/4" of depth, less the thickness of the insert. Even so, losing 1/4" wouldn't be horrible.

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I used a small strip of wood screwed into the door frame along all four sides. It doesn't have to be full length. Maybe only a fraction of the doors width and length.
See ya around,
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Thanks Dominic. Took me a while, but I thin I get it. You mean the strips of wood hold the insert in place. That solves my concern about lack of depth and screwing the strips into the door frame works because those are 3/4".



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