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I have a Jet Dust Dog canister DC that's about 5 years old and it's time to upgrade. The canister doesn't seal very well and I don't like the idea of breathing walnut dust. My shop is my garage and 90% of the time one or both of my main doors are open. If you listen to Bill Pentz, he says only the Clear Vue Cyclone is worth buying. However, he is making his recommendation based on a closed shop that needs more filtration. I also don't have enough headroom to make it work. I want to get either a jet or Laguna 2hp/220 cyclone. I never have more than one stationary tool operating at one time. Does anyone have any experience with one of these and do they work very well? Anything else I haven't thought of?
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Locating the cyclone outside in a small enclosure. This would also make for a quieter shop, and save floor space. Remote switch sensor located in the shop.

Homemade photosensitive light sensor to indicate when bin is full. Alarm and or light goes off in the shop.

If you are going to go larger maybe go 3 hp.
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Consider upgrading your filter instead of replacing a perfectly good (and well sized for single machine work) blower... + Thien baffle = win.

Shiny new tools are nice and all, but it doesn't sound to me like you really need to replace that one.
That said, it's your money and cyclones are certainly nice.

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