Furnace warranty repair
I've taken up warranty parts replacements on other installs if the distributor hands over the part. The only difference is the customer must pay the labor and any materials used in the repair- the part is still under warranty.
If the system is over 1 year old or what the labor warranty was offered with the install, the labor is billable anyway.
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maybe leave a bad review on the mfg's facebook page, and see if they take action.
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Find the name of the CEO or pres of the company. While he/she may not answer directly you should get a response. I did that with HD and got an answer the same afternoon.

I was polite and spelled out problem clearly and without being mean. I even said a couple nice things. The problem got corrected.

Still document who and when you spoke to people. Facts will help you.

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fredhargis said:

[blockquote]geek2me said:

Regardless, when I called York previously, they said I had to deal with the installer and they would not help me, provide parts, or honor the warranty directly.

That right there tells me much about York, a company that I will now never deal with. For the record there wasn't much chance of that anyway, but such a business model can't be good. That really sucks.


They are a small player in residential here days. York put out so many garbage units for so long that few installers will touch them here.
Remember the condensers with the horizontally mounted fan. They constantly had their flimsy motor mount brackets Crack and fail then the motor was noisy and eventually broke another mount and the motor and fan would fall. Then no air over the coils and the compressor failed. Even the evaporator fans has the same junk mounts that broke.

Course Amana had a bad rep too. The going practice was on a new two system house the odds were one of them would fail to start up and require swapping out the condenser. 50% failure rate at the time and even the supply houses hated selling them because of the failure rate. Although as long as the compressor made its first start they weren't too bad.
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Sorry for not posting the results.

I did contact the CEO at the manufacturer, they said they would help and have a local shop repair it. Had to call them multiple times to get it scheduled, the guy at corporate who was tasked with this did not seem too interested. Anyway, they eventually scheduled a respected local company to swap out the tank and covered all the costs - so it was finally fixed under warranty.

Thanks again for all the help and suggestions.
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Something that might help. Go to Home Advisor.com and say you are looking for warranty work. You might or might not get a call back but it's free and worth a try.

I needed 8 massive trees remove which were leaning over the house. Quotes were astronomical because of the liability. Upwards to $2000 a tree. I found a guy (insured) and crew who did it without cranes on Home Advisor for half that. YELP can lead you in the right direction also. Some guys just want to build a customer base and will take the crappy paying jobs.

I recently moved and have to re-establish my business so I'm taking jobs my competitors won't do. It's part of doing business. Most of my regular clients came to me that way.
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can you order the tank online? I had a motor go on the blower for my heat pump compressor. My problem was the supply houses in my area won't sell without an account and won't give an account unless you have a license or work for a licensed company. It was the middle of summer and I didn't want to wait a few day for the part to show up.

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