Another Lee Valley promise kept
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I received the upgrade kit for my Veritas small plow plane in the mail yesterday and chuckled because it is typical of Lee Valley. They send you detailed disassembly instructions, labeled bags with coded diagrams for the parts you keep and the parts you send back and a fitted shipping box. When they receive it, they re-machine the plane so it can do beading like the new model and ship it back. $59 including shipping both ways. As a bonus, they also upgrade the depth stop.

Nice, but there is a bigger issue. Honestly, I am not sure I will ever do beading, but I so appreciate the fact that Lee Valley would do this. It makes me a loyal customer.

Details and pics on my blog. If you own one of these planes, though, act fast because the program ends in August.
Andy Margeson
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I just got my plow plane back yesterday, as well. Can't agree more with Andy about the way LV treats its customers.

I did experience a few moments of confusion when reassembling, however. LIke Andy's, LV upgraded the depth stop on my plane but not realizing this I tried to reinstall the old one I had removed before shipping. Needless to say, I couldn't figure out how it went back on. Eventually I recalled the depth stop upgrade program and realized the wave washer and old depth stop clamp were no longer needed.

My beading blades are back ordered, but I'm anticipating the added versatility of this already useful tool.

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Good to know, I sent mine in when the free shipping was in, can't wait to get it back, maybe mine will be here this coming week ?????????? I like the plane and do plan on getting the beading blades eventually.

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The upgrade should be done even if you don't plan to do any beading anytime soon. It will make the plow complete and one day if you want to sell it, it will fetch the price it deserves.

$59 is just the cost of a dinner meal for two and if I had to, I would skip going out to a restaurant one time or twice to come up with the money.

Time is running out for those who are still sitting on the fence.


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