N. Slater woodworking bench vise
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You can still mount it high enough for the dog to be useable.  I like it set the way I have it.  Planing the edge of a door or panel is nice, one end in the vise, the other clamped to the skirt and the edge is only an inch or so above the bench top so I'm not working too high in the air and the work piece is held solidly.  I've drilled a couple dog holes in the skirt at the same height as the vise bars so I can support the end of a long workpiece with the vise jaws loose.  It works for me.
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I asked Mr Google for help and he showed me a variety of bench vise pictures. My unscientific measures demonstrated a random 50-50 chance of the vise being mounted flush or proud. Even the catalog pictures of vises are random. My shop shows a similar dichotomy with the Ulmia workbench side vise mounted flush and others (mounted by me) proud.

I am, however, becoming a fan of the flush mount because it just makes sense. Thanks again for your observation.
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