Have no idea what has invaded my yard
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(09-23-2016, 06:50 AM)fredhargis Wrote: I wish you the best, because while "he" may not win, he has 100's of friends/cousins who will take his place. I had a problem with coons earlier this year. Since then I think I've dispatched 12 of 'em. All was good for about a month, then guess what? Another scat pile on the deck. One last suggestion, consider getting one of those electric dog fence chargers (the ones made for cattle may kill the critters) and put a wire around the area of the offence. a shock or 2 may train them to go over to the neighbors  yard.

12????? I'm at 24 and holding, friend down the road quit counting at 20......

The dry weather really brought the coons out of the woods. My mother had the darn things scratching at the patio door....of course, it could see the cat's dish on the other side.  Laugh


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