Who to call for this job?
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I was watching an episode of the show "Holmes buy it right" in which he criticized a $700,000.00 new construction home on the installation of an upstairs laundry room. 

It has a catch tray for the washing machine if it overflowed.  Holmes said that if a fitting or hose let loose it would spray water all over the room.  That instead of the catch tray they should have made the entire floor waterproof (like shower) and put in a stone threshold to keep the water from exiting the room.  And add a drain to go directly to the sewer line.

From my perspective having a laundry chute would resolve 50% of the issue, and a laundry dumbwaiter would make me completely happy.  Of course you would still have to walk up and down the steps.  The laundry chute can be in a closet floor if that works.  I could do it easily in my house because it is a ranch house.  But you have to cap the opening with metal as this is a fire issue.  An open chute would act like a chimney and accelerate a fire.

What I do now is use a laundry bag and I toss it down the steps to the basement.  It has a shoulder strap that allows me to carry the laundry up while using the handrails.  The climbing does not worry me, but as I grow older concern with falls does.

Laundry dumbwaiters:  https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=ch...dumbwaiter

Laundry bag:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IYU...UTF8&psc=1
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Totally agree with Holmes on the floor drain, etc. But as I pointed out earlier, a new install should include checking the strength of the floor structure . Some of Cooler's ideas are good as well.
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Ya know, I hear this same argument. What if the hoses burst? Well, what if the faucet and toilet hoses burst in the bathroom on the second floor? It's the same thing. It's a good idea to replace washer hoses every couple years, but nobody does. They don't change them in the bathroom either. You can buy higher quality hoses like the ones used under sinks and toilets. I think the bigger problem for washers is lint clogging the drain or dumping into a laundry sink with the drain clogged. I'll only dump a washer into a dedicated 2" pipe. The pan is really there to catch water from leaking pumps or hoses internal to the washer.

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