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(12-01-2016, 08:07 PM)jteneyck Wrote: Sorry to go off on a slight tangent, but wanted to comment about Mobil 1.  On my first Subaru I changed the factory oil to Mobile 1 at 1000 miles, and personally changed it and the filter every 7500 miles.  Immediately, the car started to use a quart of oil between changes.  I asked Subaru about it and they said it wasn't unusual.  Really?  My wife's BMW never, ever used a drop of (synthetic) oil.  

Being a creature of habit I did the same thing on my second Subaru - with the same results.  The first car was a turbo, the second wasn't, so no correlation there.  

On to my third Subaru I decided to just stick with conventional oil and changed it every 3000 miles.  It never used a drop for the 60K miles I had the car.  I'm doing the same with my 4th Subaru and, with only 14K miles on it, it has used no oil. 

I have no idea why this happened, but it happened.  All new Subaru engines will use synthetic oil.  I hope they found and fixed the problem.  


Some engines have trouble with Mobil 1.  It's well documented that Honda S2000's will consume the stuff pretty briskly.  Typically about a quart every 1000 miles. Other synthetic oils don't present this problem.  There are a lot of stories about ruined motors due to the fact that M1 was used and the owners didn't regularly check the levels and it got too low.

I put Pennzoil synthetic in mine and it's typically down about 1/4 quart at the designated change interval which is use based, but typically around 7,000 miles.

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