I want to move my mailbox
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you click "quote" on the posts you want to quote first and then hit reply.

It's hard to know what to do in this case.  It might be best to get it cleared up now, rather than later
  Re: I want to move my mailbox by EricU (Our mailbox marks th...)
Ty! Hope your moving situation goes well!
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(01-21-2017, 09:25 AM)WxMan Wrote: My mailbox is on the opposite side of the highway from the entrance to our driveway.  It's a numbered U.S. highway with a 55 mph speed limit.  To make it better, the driveway is just past the crest of a steep hill, making it a blind entrance.  Because of a hill on the north side of the mailbox, drifting snow will hide the mailbox completely.  I asked the post office if I could relocate to the other side of the highway.  Nope.  That would mean changing the route and they're not going to do that.

So LOML and I have to cross the highway, sometimes snow/ice covered and slick, to get back and forth to the mailbox.  We've thought about getting a P.O. box, but it would mean an extra 8-mile round trip into town to check mail, most of which is junk anyway.   We just live with it.

That sounds like a dangerous situation. To eliminate unnecessary trips across the road, you could install a mail alert flag on your mailbox so you would know if you have mail in the box. 


mailbox mail alert flag

I made an alert flag out of a piece of 3/16" plated rod with a 3"x4" sheet metal "flag" attached near the center. One end of the rod is attached near the back of the mailbox (bottom left) and the other end rests on a slotted metal tab I attached to the side of the door. The flag drops down when the door is opened. I put Scotch reflective tape on one side of the flag so that after dark I can see if I have mail by shining a flashlight on the mailbox from my front porch. My house is on the downhill side of the road and I have a long, steep driveway.
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The last time my mailbox was destroyed by an errant driver I moved it ten feet or so down the road. I used an average of neighboring boxes for height and setback. I never heard a word from the mail carrier. The box is left open half the time just like before.

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