why can't I delete a thread
   I created a thread in the off topic forum.  A few minutes later I decided that the question I posted was not needed.  There were no responses.  I tried to delete the thread and was told that I could not because I did not have access.  Why can I not delete a thread that I started and that has no replies?
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  Re: why can't I delete a thread by kscott (Hi,    I created a ...)
Apparently Admin decided to change the settings and to not let you control your own posting

Working on it Winkgrin

  Re: why can't I delete a thread by kscott (Hi,    I created a ...)
I think this came up before, and we can't delete. In one case I went back and edited to say "deleted by me". Cant imagine what the problem is with letting us delete posts that have no replies.
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