A "New" Pencil
  Re: A "New" Pencil by opticsguy (Recently found at Ho...)
Original poster here.  Interesting with all the different impressions and experiences found here.
I happened to be in Lowes 2 days ago and there in the tool department were similar pencils in black, 39 cents each compared to the 24 at HD, no big deal really.  I checked several of the pencils and a high percentage had leads looked off center. Off center in a sharpener will produce a lead with one side longer than the other and less supported which can cause troubles. I did not buy any as I already an almost life time supply of the HD red ones.  Maybe I should reconsider and pick up a few next time for comparison?  Or even the possibility they are both made by the same manufacturer.  Anyway, bottom line for me, these larger pencils are a dream to use, for me.....................................
  Re: A "New" Pencil by opticsguy (Recently found at Ho...)

May pick some up next time I go the direction where the HD is, which is over an hour drive from home.

Right now I've also probably got a lifetime supply. Laugh

The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

 When I use the toilet it smells just like fresh brewed coffee!
fredp 02/13/2020

  Re: A "New" Pencil by opticsguy (Recently found at Ho...)
(02-26-2017, 01:12 PM)MsNomer Wrote: The description reminds me of those fat pencils kids used in elementary school that I absolutely hated. I'll pass.  
As the first responder to this thread I could not really be honest in my own opinion of big fat round "beginner" pencils. They were awful for any writing use. If we started with Crayola Crayons at the same diameter as a normal pencil, why put one of those fat things into a dirty little fist.  

But the topic use is about scribbling big notes on chunks of wood. At least, I hope it is. Still, I go for the normal "carpenter's" pencil--fat and skinny lines, fit in a pocket, and can be sharpened with a knife, or rough surface. Super easy to provide reinforcement by leaving wood during trimming. The biggest problem I find with modern pencils is brittle lead.
  Re: A "New" Pencil by opticsguy (Recently found at Ho...)
(03-08-2017, 01:03 PM)hbmcc Wrote: The biggest problem I find with modern pencils is brittle lead.
Connected with weak lead are those non-wood pencils that provide no support to the lead.  Give me good old cedar and quality leads.
  Re: A "New" Pencil by opticsguy (Recently found at Ho...)
Well, again, the whole reason for my original posting was to let others know about the opportunity of these new pencils.  Certainly each and every tool has different uses for different users, some will never want these pencils and others will covet them. Some of you will complain about these pencils yet you have not yet tried one. I have about 15 or more regular "sguare" carpenters pencils and not using them anymore because the new pencils;

The leads are strong.
Can be made into a very nice point.
Easily sharpened with an old school pencil sharpener.
Easily sharpened with the $1.69 pencil sharpener located NEXT to these pencils.
I now even use them in the house for note taking and much prefer over a standard "old fashioned" #2.

Nuff said..................

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