KOBALT regulator kit
I've been happy with this [Model J-6901-100.] until a few days ago.
Strapping a 9 oz CO2 bottle to a belt for light jobs vs dragging around a pancake compressor is cool.

I have a puncture in air hose.  [hole looks like the "explosion" came from within hose (plastic shrapnel pointing out vs something like a nail puncture]
Possible to replace just air hose?
"customer service" number constantly busy.  I have emailed CS but who knows when I'll get a reply.
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It's just a regular hose, well well a regular slinky hose but a small one. Any will work fine. Where are you getting tanks for it cause they quit selling that a long time ago. Paintball co2 tanks? I have an argon/co2 tank that I will use for air supply sometimes. Though I may end up with the ridgid 18v cordless air compressor eventually.
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Mine works with the co2 containers that are sold and refilled for paintball guns.

Academy sells and refills bottles here.

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Buy one of these, it's polyurethane which you want for any recoil air hose.

25 Ft Polyurethane Recoil Hose

Your hose, according to Kobolt, is a 10 Ft length so 25 Ft has to be better right?  Smile

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