KOBALT regulator kit
I've been happy with this [Model J-6901-100.] until a few days ago.
Strapping a 9 oz CO2 bottle to a belt for light jobs vs dragging around a pancake compressor is cool.

I have a puncture in air hose.  [hole looks like the "explosion" came from within hose (plastic shrapnel pointing out vs something like a nail puncture]
Possible to replace just air hose?
"customer service" number constantly busy.  I have emailed CS but who knows when I'll get a reply.
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It's just a regular hose, well well a regular slinky hose but a small one. Any will work fine. Where are you getting tanks for it cause they quit selling that a long time ago. Paintball co2 tanks? I have an argon/co2 tank that I will use for air supply sometimes. Though I may end up with the ridgid 18v cordless air compressor eventually.
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Mine works with the co2 containers that are sold and refilled for paintball guns.

Academy sells and refills bottles here.

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Buy one of these, it's polyurethane which you want for any recoil air hose.

25 Ft Polyurethane Recoil Hose

Your hose, according to Kobolt, is a 10 Ft length so 25 Ft has to be better right?  Smile
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A while back Mikie put me onto These flexilla hoses The problem with most of those curlies is they are ultra cheap, and blow up easily. These are made by the Flexilla folks, and they have action ends to keep from over twisting the hose, and much better quality, work hot or cold. I love this on the end of a longer heavier hose, especially for my Grex. It stinks holding a flyweight tool, and having to manhandle a heavy hose behind it, so the idea of these is awesome, now the quality has caught up.

This price sux though, The 25' ones Mikie put me onto were 9 bux.

Ok this is better, and gives shorter length options.

Worst thing they can do is cook ya and eat ya

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Its my birthday today. Varkpilot pm me your address if you are in the lower 48 US and i will send you one for free next week. Mikie
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