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More on Lennon & McCartney....

I heard this snippet on the radio today, from "Glass Onion":
I told you about the fool on the hill, I tell you man he's living there still
well here's another place you can be, listen to me, fixing a hole in the ocean,
tryin' to make a dovetail joint,
looking through a glass onion

And some analysis on the "always accurate" Internet:

Glass Onion
Written by Lennon, and like his "I Am The Walrus,""Glass Onion," is just another playful song in response to those people who pondered his work looking for hidden clues and meanings. The song is really a collection of words and phrases that Lennon took from other Beatles' songs. He used: Strawberry Fields Forever; There's A Place; Within You, Without You; I Am The Walrus; Lady Madonna; The Fool On The Hill; and Fixing A Hole.
Lennon jokingly said that the walrus from "I Am The Walrus," was really Paul. This led to all sorts of rumors that seemed to confirm that McCartney had been killed in an automobile accident, because in some primitive cultures, the walrus is a symbol of death. In many of The Beatles' songs there are insurmountable clues to the "Paul is Death" rumor. In addition to using already existing images from these other songs, Lennon came up with four new ones in "Glass Onion" that really fell into the hands of the people trying to figure out what he was saying. These new images were: bent back tulips; a glass onion; the Cast-Iron Shore; and a dovetail joint.
The bent back tulips were real tulips that were in flower arrangements in a restaurant known as Parkes in London. In these arrangements, the tulip petals were bend back so that you could see the obverse side as well as the stamen. When Lennon referred to them in this song, this is what he meant by "seeing how the other half lives." The glass onion is a name that Lennon wanted to use for a new group that The Beatles signed with Apple Records in July 1968. This group, formerly the Iveysdidn't like the glass onion name, but rather chose "Badfinger," after "Badfinger Boogie," the original title of The Beatles song, "With A Little Help From My Friends. " Additionally, glass onion was believed to be the slang phrase for the glass handles on the side of coffins in England. This further fueled the "Paul is Death" theory.
Lennon's Cast-Iron Shore was the real name for Liverpool's Beach, also known as the Cassie, and the dovetail joint, was the same phrase used in wood working joints.
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(03-31-2017, 02:40 PM)C. in Indy Wrote: This is one of Sir Paul that I had not seen before.  I stumbled onto it while browsing links associated with Skelton Saws:

I've also read a few times that Ian Gillan (of Deep Purple) enjoys carpentry more than singing.

There have been a few other odd mentions over the years, would like to remember more, but will open it up to the fanatics here to comment!


Wm. Macy..

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Bob Dylan works with metal, has made some cool metal gates.

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Harrison Ford continued to do carpentry for himself even after he became a star.  He said he had a hard time finding craftsman who could work to his standard, so he did it himself, doing much of the finish work on his home.

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