What lathe for pen turning?
  Re: What lathe for pen turning? by Chuckhead (A friend of mine is ...)
Lee Valley now sells Rikon,certainly would buy there before Penn State.

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  Re: What lathe for pen turning? by Chuckhead (A friend of mine is ...)
(09-06-2017, 11:31 AM)Chuckhead Wrote: A friend of mine is interested in getting into pen turning.  First things first - he needs a lathe.  He doesn't want to buy something cheap just to see if he enjoys turning pens, but he also doesn't need top of the line.  He also claims (emphasize the word claims) that he has no interest in turning anything larger than pens or stoppers.  I would appreciate recommendations on a good lathe for his needs that I can pass along to him.



If anyone mentioned used lathes above, I missed it.

There is nothing wrong with a good used lathe even if it is discontinued. "Good" is a significant term, though.

The Jet 1014 (with or without the "I" or the "VS") is an excellent starter lathe for pens, bottle stoppers, chisel handles, and Christmas ornament. This is what I started with after I found one on CL and a stand and extension for it here in SnS. Mine has a bit more slop in the tailstock spindle than I like for drilling blanks but there are lots of alternatives for doing that. We have added other lathes to our shop but we still happily use that 1014 for small turnings while the larger lathes are in use by other family members.

If they happen to already have a Shopsmith, it is a fine starter lathe once it gets dialed in. You can get buy pen turning mandrels for them at Penn State. The biggest drawback is the power head maintenance every 25hr.
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