Dutch Hollow and Round Planes
I recently found several unusual hollow and round planes. They are longer than usual molding planes. Dark colored, with an unusual wedge profile. They have a depression on the top in front of the iron and three gouge marks on each side at the front. The irons are marked Wilhelm Durholz. There is no name on the plane, just the stamped imprint of a crown and a P on the end. I figured they were European and then the recent MWTCA Gristmill magazine had a picture of one identified as Dutch. This makes sense because this part of West Michigan had many Dutch immigrants. Many went to work in the local furniture factories, including my great-grandfather. Here are some pictures. The last picture shows the stamps on the end. Does anyone know anything more about these planes including how old they are? Thanks, Tom

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Hi Tom,

According to Gerrit van der Sterre's _Four Centuries of Dutch Planes and Planemakers_, F. Wilhelm Dürholz, late 19th century, is a mark sometimes found on irons in planes sold by Hendrick Pijttersen of Sneek. Pijttersen was primarily a dealer selling planes made by other makers, and the mark on the toe of your plane is one of two marks he used. Working dates appear to be, roughly, 1873 to 1892. Hope that helps.

Don McConnell
Eureka Springs, AR
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Thanks for the information Don. The dates make sense. That is the same time period that thousands of Dutch immigrants, including my great grandfather came to this area.

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